QHC Embarks on Health Initiative

QHC Embarks on National Population Health Initiative

Quality in Health Care Advisory Group (QHC) has announced that it will embark on a three-year project to build a sustainable model for population health. The first phase of this effort will be supported by a grant from Sanofi Pasteur.

The model will incorporate the principles and importance of the social determinants of health (SDOH), the framework, goals and objectives of Healthy People 2030 (HP2030) and the quadruple aim. It will focus on the promotion of health, wellness, and equity, and will highlight preventive measures, including immunization, the development of community partnerships with all stakeholders and sectors, and prioritize chronic illness such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure, Cancer and COPD.

The project will address the following questions:

  • What are the community resources necessary to assist in achieving the quadruple aim?
  • What are the tools necessary to remedy the many issues posed by the social determinants of health, including education?
  • How do we establish trustworthy relationships between the community and the medical/healthcare establishment, to assure access, value and excellent outcomes?
  • What are the principles of health literacy necessary to communicate effectively with diverse populations?
  • What are the metrics that define success?
  • What leadership should the medical/healthcare profession contribute to these efforts?
  • Are there specific efforts necessary to assure medication adherence, and how do we address those?
  • Does health policy play a role? If so, how do we address this?
  • What research efforts are necessary to assure sustainability?

As we commence Phase 1 of this multi-year effort in January 2019, we will convene an expert panel to examine and then formulate and submit public commentary to the proposed HP2030 Objectives.

HHS has categorized the proposed Objectives by topic and further segmented them into three categories: Core, which are of national importance and have an evidence base to promote equity; Developmental, which are of high priority and have associated proven interventions; and Research, which represent opportunities to address high need areas with significant disparities, health or economic burden.

The public commentary period is designated from December 3, 2018 through January 17, 2019.

We will continue to inform about the progress of our work on this page, so please stay tuned.